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yoga au parc


Yoga is above all a life philosophy . Within this discipline, there is a postural practice which aims to prepare the body before entering a meditative state or "Dhyana". Working on the body has a direct action on the mind and vice versa. Body and mind go together. To live this union inside of us, the postural practice of Hatha yoga has been developed over the years.

Hatha yoga or traditional yoga aims to unite our masculine "Ha" or solar part and our feminine "Tha" or lunar part in order to live a state of completeness in Self. All the techniques practiced in full consciousness such as controlling the breath (pranayamas), the practice of locks (bandhas), of sacred gestures (mudras), of points of concentration of the gaze (drishtis) or even practising stable postures (asanas ) are intended to calm the natural restlessness of the mind.

Through the observance of the mind, the mental fluctuations cease. Thus the soul is invited  to overcome its sufferings. This is how we approach the final goal of Yoga: once inner peace is established, there follows a state of union between Self and the ultimate D ivine principle.

yoga au parc

Come with your yoga mat or a towel and a flexible clothing. 

One hour of a guided Hatha yoga class, including :

guided meditation, yoga posture practice and ending with a guided relaxation

The class is for everyone !

When : every tuesdays from 7 pm to 8 pm from May to September 2022

Price : 10 € 


Adress : Parc de la tête d'or

Meet up : in front of the door des enfants du Rhône 

Bookings on  :

Reservations & contact: /

"Thank you for the yoga class tonight which of the theme was perfect, very complete and meditatif. 

Anchoreness is really what we need at this time. 

I feel very good, I feel centered again and espcecially more relaxed. "


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