. WHO I AM .

I am an Ayurveda health counselor or Ayurvedic practitioner which refers to the ancient Indian Science of Life : Ayurveda. With a Masters in Toxicology, Health and Environment, I merge the traditional healing practices of Ayurveda with a modern scientific knowledge.


More, as a yoga teacher, Yoga brings to my practice an holistic overview and complementary vision. My daily routine of personal development practices that I have been experiencing these last 10 years (as sophrology, yoga, meditation, qi-gong...) but also the experience of living one year in the Ashram Ananda Gaorii, are helping me to understand further and deeper the Ayurvedic Healing arts !

2018 - Ayurvedic certification at the school Gayaveda accredited by the France Ayurveda association - Tours, France. 

2017 - Yoga Certification 200 Hours at Ananda Gaorii Yoga Center recognized by Yoga Alliance (international organization of Yoga certification) - Vig, Denmark 

2014 - Masters in Toxicology, Environment and Health

"In my teenage hood, I experienced several health problems. Looking at them with a positive perspective, they actually pushed my interest towards holistic therapies. In those therapies, the individual one is perceived as a whole entity; with a physical body, a psychology, different emotions, behaviors, eating habits but also with a more subtle energy as a spiritual body. All of these characteristics are intrinsically linked and interdependent. My numerous readings and meetings with therapists have allowed me to integrate more awareness in my being and in the world in which I live. After having been learning and receiving a lot these last years, now I wish to share the beauty of the Ayurveda and Yoga teachings."



(O child, you are not the body; you are the spiriti.

You are enlightened; you are pure Atman (indwelling spirit))

Malini is the Sanskrit name (traditional Indian language) that I received when I was living in the ashram Ananda Gaorii ! Malini is actually a flower and from a spiritual meaning we can understand the inner meaning of the flower : as we offer it up in devotion to the Divine, one is filled with the fragrance of the Divine, of Bliss.

. M A L I N I .