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At the end of my scientific studies in the field of environment and health, I wanted to live with different communities to connect and tune in with nature and people.

In 2017, I spent a year at Ananda Gaorii ashram in Denmark. An ashram is a place where one lives according to the philosophy of Yoga.  Ananda Gaorii is part of the lineage of Ananda Marga. 

This experience had profoundly changed my vision of life and the person I was. Sometimes we take a path thinking we know the direction...and sometimes it's a complete different direction we didn't expect to ! Coincidence or destiny..this is a personal interpration !


So, I got immersed into the values of Yoga, Seva (service), Love and Full Consciousness. While I was there Ithought to make permaculture as a living as this was a center piece in the ashram but it turns out that I became a Yoga Teacher. So, I got my yoga teacher certification, recognized and certified by Yoga Alliance (international Yoga certification body). 


is the Sanskrit (traditional indian language) name that I received at the ashram. It refers to the sweet smell or fragrance of flowers. It is said that by offering Flowers to the divine, we fill ourselves with the fragrance of the divine. 


Diving into AYURVEDA

Intuitively, I felt that an aspect was missing to my quest. But then Ayurveda came on my way!

Ayurveda or traditional Indian medicine is defined as an alternative and holistic health approach.


More I was discovering Ayurveda, more my existential questions were answered. Slowly, it felt as "all makes sense" ! Ayurveda was "blowing my mind" as it is described as everything is connected or taking in account as looking at the behaviour, psychological or diet of a person as well as her spiritual essence !


In 2018, I completed my training at the Gayaveda studies Ayurveda Traditions school, which is a professional training course certifying and accredited by the France Ayurveda association. ​


Right after my ayurvedic training, I started my company 'MALINI'.

Since, I offer ayurvedic consultations, and massages as well as Hatha Yoga classes. Recently, I did the Yin yoga teacher training with Bernie Clark. I love teaching this kind of yoga since it gives a profound letting go and surrendering.


During the summer period, I also lead Yoga Paddle lessons on the Rhône and Yoga lessons in the park.


Also, I organize Yoga and Ayurveda retreats.

the creation of malini

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