Ayurveda or "knowledge of life" is a complete therapeutic system. It originated from the southern state of India, Kerala, over 5000 years ago. It comes from the Vedic sciences which are the complete spiritual knowledge. These give us a detailed understanding of the universe, matter, mind, and consciousness. Vedic sciences include yoga, meditation, mantras, astrology and Ayurveda. This science of longevity, Ayurveda, is presented as a specific branch for the healing of body and mind. It includes nutrition, herbal medicine, massage, psychology and spirituality.

"Ayurveda is the science of appropriate, unsuitable, happy or sad living conditions, of  favourable or unfavourable to longevity and of the criteria of life itself." Charaka Samhita. I. 41

According to Ayurveda, the whole universe, every thing or being, is composed of the 5 elements in different quantities :


*Ether = space

A dosha is an energetic force of nature, a functional principle or also described as a bodily humor. A dosha is the combination of two elements : 

. VATA (the movement) -> ETHER & AIR .

. PITTA (the transformation)-> FIRE & WATER .

. KAPHA (the cohesion) -> WATER & EARTH .


Each person contains these five elements and these three doshas. The various proportions of the elements in each one of us are the reason of the unique expression of our entity, at a physical and psychic level. Ayurveda underlines the uniqueness of each one, so that each Ayurvedic diagnosis is personalized and always adapted to the person at the given moment. 

Working as a dynamic response to the weather, conditions, stress, events of life in general, the doshas adapt and adjust constantly to keep our healthy state in balance. Regarding our lifestyle and daily habits, these doshic forces can become responsible into the process of the disease. The person then moves from a state of balance or Prakruti to a state of imbalance or Vikruti. By revealing the doshas responsible of the process of imbalance, Ayurveda is based on the identification of the original causes.













Our physical, mental and emotional imbalance states is largely due to our lifestyles which are not appropriate to our nature such as poor quality food, wrong food combination , overstimulation of the 5 senses, off-beat rhythm of life, unsuitable physical postures or body movements. 

If any physical, psychological or emotional disturbances or pains are an integral part of our daily life, the warning signals sent by our body and mind deserve attention. As a system of prevention, Ayurveda (also called science of longevity) aims to maintain the optimal health state and for as long as possible for every person wishing to adapt his lifestyle to its own constitution.

Balance state

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inappropriate lifestyle

Imbalance state

"Everything we do ourselves to improve our own health is more effective in the long run than others do for us. As long as we do not live in harmony with our constitution, it is impossible to truly heal ourselves with a particular method. The beauty of Ayurveda is to provide us with the knowledge and the means to live in balance" (Dr. David Frawley)

Ayurveda emphasizes the responsibility and self-healing potential of the person :

The WHO recognizes Ayurveda as an complete system of traditional medicine. The "Indian Ayurvedic medicine" can't be replace by the French medical system. Thus, advices from your doctor can't be replace by the "Indian Ayurvedic medicine".

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