. YOGA .

Yoga is the science of self-realization. It is a spiritual practice that aims to reach the knowledge of our true Self through the total control of the functioning of the mind and all levels of consciousness.


Each posture of yoga has a specific effect on the body, tissues, joints, organs and endocrine glands. The postures allow, among other things:

a purification of the physical body .

. a release of deep tensions and toxins within the body .

. a strengthening and softening of the muscles in order to reduce any pain .

. a maintenance of a flexible spine for an optimal energy flow through the nervous system .

. a preparation for meditating with a reduction of the mental agitation .

"A yogi is not someone who merely performs yogasanas (postures). Yogis are enlightened beings who are merged with cosmic consciousness in their daily lives." Vasant Lad

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The yoga private lessons allow to carry out with precision and safety the postures, to deepen the techniques as well as to drive the person towards autonomy so that yoga is an integral part of his daily life.

Private Yoga Class 1H15 : 70 €

Thus these various static and dynamic postures are valuable tools that allow to balance the physical body and the mind. Ayurveda recommends the practice of asanas as it considers to be the most important lifestyle as a physical activity (Dr. Frawley - Ayurveda & Yoga). Asanas have extremely strong therapeutic effects on our physical structure, our spirit as well as our vital energy.


By taking into account the individual condition and the Ayurvedic constitution of the person, the private lessons of yoga allow a personalized and adapted counselling to the person. Thus according to the needs, the postures of yoga, the meditations and the techniques of breathing are taking their inspiration from:

Ananda Marga's Hatha Yoga . 

The Ananda Marga system of yoga includes 42 yoga asanas postures. They have been selected by the spiritual master for their specifically beneficial effects. The repetition of the postures and the air retentions reinforce and relax the body and mind.

. Hatha Yoga according to Hridaya Yoga .

 Taking inspiration from the wise Ramana Maharshi, the Hridaya Yoga community aims to develop the self-inquiery through the famous "who am I?" connected with awareness from the spiritual heart. The holding of the postures allows a concentration of our mind but also a surrender of our being to enter into a balance and peace.


. The Gasquet method of Dr. Bernadette de Gasquet .

 A nincorrect performance of the postures can lead to an articular, muscular or circulatory problem. Dr. Gasquet offers a practice that respects the biomechanics of the body. The different yoga postures are therefore practiced safely.


The "Womb Yoga" created by Uma Dinsmore-Tuli .

It is a yoga intended for women. It promotes the connection for every woman with its Shakti (strength and feminine power). This yoga helps to reduce or eliminate various feminine problems as menstrual irregularities, menstrual pains, fibroids, loss of libido...

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