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massage ayurvedique


Ayurveda highlights the importance of taking care of our physical body The massage I offer takes his roots into the traditional Ayurvedic massage, called abhyanga, literally translated as "oil massage" as well as into the marmatherapy, the science of marmas or energetical ayurvedic points. 

It is a full body massage with sesame oil heated which use of the following techniques : enveloping, sliding pressures, kneading and pressure on the marma points. The rythm given of the massage is more or less fast depending on the dominant(s) dosha(s)  of the person and her own needs. A Vata person will prefer to have a slow and light pressure massage, a Pitta person will require a deep pressure and precise massage while a Kapha person will need an activating fast pace massage. 

The massage will allow to balance the three doshas, to detoxify the body and the mind, to soften and nourish the tissues, to strengthen the bones, to regain energy, to improve digestion, to soothe the nervous system...

Ayurvedic massage from Maïlys is a real moment of pleasure and relaxation, same quality as the massages given in India. "




The massage begins with a "salutation", a massage of the head and back while sitting, then continues lying on your stomach and on your back. The duration of the massage is 1 hour 15 minutes and the price is 70 euros. 

"I had the pleasure of experiencing the ayurvedic massages of Maïlys. Quickly, I let go, in trust with the movements of her soft and precise hands. I feet a deep relaxation state in my body and the warm oil is very pleasant. The bowl kansu she used on my feet was a non-experiencing sensation before and was a blissful moment ! Time stops and I have always the feeling that the session goes too fast !."


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