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Through the diagnosis, the ayurvedic constitution is determined according to the lifestyle of the person in terms of physiologycal, physical, psychical, émotionnal aspects..

Adapted advices are given to the person according to Ayurveda and Yoga philosophy.

   > Ayurvedic massages  - 1h15 : 65 €

Ahyanga massage is a traditionnal indian massage. It gives a complete wellness to the body. Performed with warm vegetal oil, it gives a complete and deep relaxation to the body and mind and a deep cleanse of the organism !

   > Marma & aroma care - 1h15 : 65 €

A pre massage with warm vegetal oil is practised all over the body. Then, through the pulse of the person, the choice of one or several essential oils is done. These essential oils diluted are applied on the marmas points (energetical points according to Ayurveda) on the body.

>>> YOGA

   > Yoga at the park - 1h : 10 €

Hatha Yoga collective class, inspired from Hatha Yoga of Ananda Marga. 

This course happens at the park tête d'or (Lyon 6) during the warm season !

Bring your yoga mat and a flexible and comfotable clothing.


   > Yoga paddle - 1h30 : 25 €

Collective class of Yoga Paddle. Yoga paddle is practised on a paddle board. Anchoreness and balance are the main words !

Classes adapted to begginers in Yoga and/or paddle. 

At the nautic center Lyon Canoë, on the  Rhône, in front of confluence, in the 7th district.

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