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Kaoshikii dance

The Kaoshikii dance was created by Shrii Shiri Anandamurti, the spiritual guide of the international Ananda Marga community. The term “Kaoshikii” derives from the Sanskrit word “Kosa” which means the deep layer of the mind. Through the practice of this dance, we seek to establish this connection with our Self, present in the deep layers of our mind, and the macrocosm.

This dance can be practiced by everyone and will be particularly beneficial for women: relief of pain associated with periods, regulation of the menstrual cycle or even easier childbirth. In addition, the many benefits attributed to it are among others:

increase in longevity, regulation of endocrine glands, increase in flexibility of the spine, decrease in insomnia, cure of many diseases (problems related to the kidneys, liver ...), increase in self-confidence and expression self...

It consists of performing a series of chest movements associated rhythmically with a movement of the legs. The whole being coordinated on the rhythm of the repetition of the mantra: Baba Nam Kevalam (Love is everywhere).

It is recommended to practice this dance before and after a yoga class.


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