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Autumn season = VATA

Vata is defined by the qualities of: cold, light, dry.

By being now in the autumn season, therefore Vata, this dosha can more easily get out of balance in everyone.

So in order to maintain a balanced Vata:

• dress warmly

• consume hot food and drink

• eat a cooked diet (avoid raw), creamy, heavy, soothing and pacifying

• consume root vegetables, whole grains, raw oils, oilseeds (pre-soaked), organic and raw cow yogurt, cooked seasonal fruits

• adopt the following spices in your diet: cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, cumin seed, cloves, fresh ginger, rock salt

• adopt a regular rhythm of life: get up, go to bed and eat at regular times

• practice Ayurvedic self-massage with heated sesame oil every morning

• avoid raw foods, legumes, cold or reheated foods, dry, crunchy or hard foods, dried fruits.

• Recommended yoga postures: fetal posture, tree posture

• Pranayama: nadhi sodhana

• Meditation: fix the flame of a candle

If you are prone to the following symptoms, it is likely that your vata is out of balance:

• Physical level: constipation, bloating, spasms, gas, lower back pain, sleeping problems, dry skin, dizziness, tachychardia, tremors

• Metabolic plan: forgetting to eat, weak appetite, difficult digestion with legumes and raw vegetables

• Psychic level: agitation, anxiety, anxiety, mood swings


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