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massage ayurvedique


Marmatherapy or the science of marma is a therapy for healing the body and mind. Its spectrum is wide since it treats both serious and mild illnesses. It is described as a method of energy treatment. Marmatherapy was developed during the Vedic era, alongside Ayurveda and yoga.

Knowledge of marmas has been widespread within traditional martial arts, such as through Kalari Payat. The warrior was taught the knowledge of these marma points in order to know how to protect and heal himself against any wounds received as well as to inflict serious wounds on his attacker!

Sushruta, the famous Ayurvedic surgeon, applied the knowledge of marmas to surgery and therefore developed the science of energy points as a healing art. According to him, every surgeon had to know this science in order not to harm the pranic force of the energy points at the time of the surgical intervention.  

massage ayurvedique

Marma points are vital energy points located on the surface of the body. Ayurveda describes 117 major energy points. They are said to be vital because prana, the life force, sits within them. They are located at anatomical sites where veins, arteries, tendons, bones or joints meet.

There is a certain resemblance between marma points and acupuncture points in Chinese medicine. However, marmas can cover larger areas of the body. Ayurveda treats marmas with pressure, heat, needles, herbal medicines or essential oils.  

The treatment that I perform uses pressure and  essential oils.  Beforehand, a massage prepares the body to receive the energy treatment. Then, taking the Ayurvedic pulse reveals the harmonizing essential oils for the person. These oils  selected and diluted in heated sesame oil are then applied to the various marma points.

This energy treatment allows deep relaxation and harmonization on the physical, mental, emotional and subtle levels.

I discovered marmatherapy care thanks to Maïlys. A personalized treatment with essential oils personally selected at the start of the session. I was able to plunge into deep relaxation and discover my 117 energy points. Thank you Maïlys for this wonderful discovery." Laure

massage ayurvedique

DURATION: 1H15                    PRICE: 70 €  


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