Essential tool in Ayurvedic therapeutic care, massage brings many benefits on the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels, such as : 

. improving the quality of the sleep and digestive system .

. making at peace the mind and reducing the nervous tensions and tieredness .

. strenghtening the physiological system (immune, endocrine, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic)  .

 . improving the drainage of psychic and organic toxins .

. relaxing the spine .

. harmonizing the inner balance and the doshas and chakras (energetical centers) .



A full body massage with heated vegetable oil.


This traditional Indian massage provides :

. a complete relaxation of body and mind.

. a purification of the organism via the elimination of accumulated food or psychic toxins .

. a dissipation of general fatigue .

. a strengthening of the immune system .

. an improvement of the digestion.

80 € for 75 minutes


Marma points are vital energy points located at specific locations on the body surface. Areas of intersections between veins, arteries, tendons, bones or joints, these are real doorway between the body, soul and spirit. The science of marma energy points has been developed as an art of healing.

The massage will be oriented according to your needs, expectations and possible imbalances. Expect a deep state of relaxation and a feeling of re-harmonization, re-unification !

60 € for 45 minutes

Les points marmas...

Lors du massage, j'effectue une légère pression sur des points marmas en fonction de vos besoins du moment. Les points marmas sont des points d'énergie vitale localisés à des endroits précis sur la surface du corps. Zones d'intersections entre veines, artères, tendons, os ou articulations, ce sont de réels portails entre le corps, l'âme et l'esprit. La science des points d'énergie, ou  marmathérapie, s'est vue se développer comme un art de guérison



= 120 euros au lieu de 140 euros

. M A L I N I .