An Ayurvedic consultation is conducted according to a visual observation of the person, a tongue and pulse diagnosis and a detailed questionnaire adapted and oriented according to the needs of the person.​

Each consultation is unique, just like every person is. The diagnosis helps the person to understand its own nature and how her body works. It is allowing each one to acquire a deeper self-knowledge.

Dietary, phytotherapeutics (Western and / or Indian medicinal plants), body care, physical activities, yoga postures or breathing techniques are some examples of what you can expect to receive as Ayurvedic advice. In a more general term, the lifestyle advice will guide you and bring you toward your state of balance on a daily basis.


Identification of the Ayurvedic constitution according to the lifestyle of the person and her way of living in terms of her physiology, her physical activities, her psychic, her emotional system.

Then advices are given specifically to the person according to the Ayurveda and Yoga philosophy.

80 €

Lasts: 1h15

(Count two hours of work for making your personalized advices)

. Some examples covered by Ayurveda​ .

. Digestive system disorders: food disorders, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, acidity, malabsorption, nausea .


. Respiratory system disorders : allergies, ENT problems, asthma.


. Circulatory system disorders : anemia, hyper ou hypotension .


. Urinary system disorders : urinary tract infections, kidney stones .

. Reproductive system disorders : menstrual disorders, cysts, infertility, sexual deficiency, venereal diseases, low libido .


. Nervous system disorders : electrosensitivity, anxiety, stress, insomnia, migraines, eye irritation, weakened ears .


. Psychology disorders : mismanagement of emotions, depression, anger, addictions .




With the he health diagnosis, you will understand your ayurvedic constitution, the imbalances if any are present and the lifestyle suitable to you.

The massage, which follow during 45 minutes, will be adjusted to your ayurvedic profile.

Price : 120 €

. M A L I N I .